DJ Rexx was born to Caribbean parents in Toronto, Canada. Throughout his teenage years he became more and more influenced by hip hop and reggae music, both at home and on the streets. Soon after, he began collecting records and started tampering with a friends turntables. He saved up enough money to get his own and as they say... "on with the show"! He started out in '93 doing birthday and basement parties. He kept it up, occasionally doing bigger events around Toronto. In '99 DJ Rexx went to Vancouver BC and got right into the swing of things spinning at clubs in the city. Through connections and links, he and his friends started a radio show called " Smooth Out Sounds" on 102.7. 

The response to Rexx's skills on the 1's and 2's was so overwhelming that he ended up starting a sound crew called " The Dream Team" with his friends Young G and MV. During all this , he also continued with the radio show which was now building a strong following. From there he became one of the most sought after and top DJs. After 2 years of success The Dream Team decide to go their separate ways, and ended the radio show. But Rexx the grind on and continued to play and build his rep! Enter the year 2003...Rexx ran into a Dj/Mc that he knew from around the way back in Toronto named Teknique The Kingpin, who was on tour in Vancouver. The 2 connected from jump and built a chemistry that worked so well. They began holding down one of the best Saturday nights in Vancity at The Drink Night Club. They kept in moving...until summer 2004 after being separated by the 2 coast, they came to a decision once they linked back in their hometown Toronto. They decided to officially give their chemistry a name, and that name was "The Club Bangers".

​Rexx and Teknique toured all across Canada and the U.S for 9 great years before going their separate ways. But during these 9 years Rexx was nominated for Dj of the Year in 2007 for the "Stylus DJ Awards". He also opened for artist such as Elephant Man, Sizzla,Serani, Camp Lo, Royce Da 5'9, Ashanti, Blu Cantrell, WC, Ghetto Concept just to name a few... And also help start another sound crew called " Jani Sound" in 2005. Which he is still currently part of today. Jani Sound is one of the elite and upcoming sound crews in Canada!

"Jani Sound"

Tel: (604) 928-5136